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What makes our coffee so exceptional?

We believe it’s the combination of our fair trade coffee & real ingredients, our state-of-the-art La Marzocco espresso machine and of course, our well trained baristas!

Customized Coffee Creations

That’s why we’re proud to say that all syrups and flavorings are homemade. Try our chai tea lattes made from steeping premium spicy chai tea, our Aztec hot chocolate with real traditional cocoa powder and heavy whipped cream, or our kid-friendly lemonade infused with hibiscus flowers and fresh lemons. All of our COVA craft beverages pair well with our locally sourced pastries and treats!


State-of-the-Art Espresso Machine

We’re proud partners with Counter Culture Coffee, a certified organic roaster based in North Carolina. In partnership, we brought the exclusive Italian-inspired La Mazorcco KB90 espresso machine right to Oceanview. We precisely grind, measure, and tamp a 17-gram puck of a select coffee blend, the KB90 uses built-in precision scales and “drip prediction” to create exactly 34 grams of espresso, in exactly 35 seconds, every single time! The result is a mellow coffee concentrate that’s smooth to the palate. Never bitter, never burnt - always just right! With its straight-in portafilters and independent steam wands, the KB90 combines the ergonomics, serviceability, and reliability that every Barista craves. In other words, your Latte, Cappuccino, Cortado, Americano, Redeye, Mocha, or Macchiato will be perfect every time!